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Car Rental Terms 
With the lease, the company leases to the tenant the car indicated on the first page of the contract and which fully corresponds to the lessee's preferences under the following terms:

1. The tenant received the car after verifying that it was in perfect condition in every respect. He has to deliver it in the same condition he received, with all the tools, wheels and accessories, at the specific point agreed and listed on the first page of this document.

If the lessee does not deliver the car to that place and an employee of the lessor, it is deemed to have left the car with the corresponding legal consequences in the event of a loss or a financial debt to the company.

2. This contract indicates the time of rental. If the lessee wishes to extend the lease, he is required to notify the company 24 hours before the original return agreement.

The lessor has the inalienable right to terminate this contract without consequences if it considers that the lessee is detrimental to the interests of the company or does not comply with the rules of road traffic and is in breach of the terms of this contract.

3. The lessee has an obligation at the time of the lease to protect the car, to check its mechanical condition, oil, water, etc. also check the condition of the tire and if the car is safe in its movement.

The lessee is liable and obliged to compensate the company for damage caused by lack of attention. He is also required to pay for gas during the rental period.

The lessee is not entitled to make modifications to the car, to carry out mechanical or other work, in replacement of parts, in violation of the odometer, any violation of the above would result in his / her criminal prosecution.

4. The lessor company is not responsible for the loss or damage to objects of customers who are in the car, whether they have been abandoned in the offices before or after the contract.

5. The lessee, when not using the car, must take all possible measures to avoid theft of the car or its parts.

6. The lessor has made every effort and has taken all possible precautions to avoid mechanical damage to the car and is not liable for any damage, including any direct or indirect damages to the employee.

7. The lessee must pay in aggregate the following:

(a) the charges for deliveries and receipts if they are charged to that contract;
b) The insurance indemnity for the case of accepting mixed insurance.
(c) The percentage of the tax corresponding to all of the above.
d) If the renter is delaying the car after the agreed return time, one-fifth of the daily mileage is charged for one hour.

8. During the lease the car is forbidden to use:

(a) any person under 23 years of age
(b) Any person who has not or has acquired a license in less than 12 months
(c) driving learning
(d) in breach of this Convention
(e) To carry passengers or things for remuneration
(f) Carry more passengers than is required by the marketing authorization
g) To carry heavy objects or smelly commodities or drugs or weapons
h) For towing another car or trailer
(i) Special speed motor racing events, etc.
j) Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs
k) Every person without the prior approval of the lessor
l) Generally for any purpose contrary to Greek Laws
(m) Outside of Skopelos without the written permission of the lessor

9. The Lessee is responsible for violations of the KOC. and is obliged to pay the price of the breaches committed during the lease, even if the above amounts are required after the expiry of the lease.

a) Basic
The car is safely covered by a third party, and the tenant is entirely responsible for any damage caused to the car.

b) Mixed (CDW)
The tenant has an amount of liability exemption in case of damage to the car for all categories € 500 (excluding insurance tires, interior and bottom of the car) when he accepts the relevant terms herein and pays in addition the amount of 10 € respectively, on a daily basis and up to 14 days maximum.

A prerequisite is that the lessee will keep the provisions of the Code of Conduct at the time of rental. which apply each time.

11. In the event of an accident or other incident, the lessee has the obligation to follow the following insurance policies:

a) Take pictures of the accident
b) Call the police
c) Record names and addresses from eyewitnesses
d) Do not accept any responsibility for the accident until the responsibility has been imputed by the officers
e) Communicate urgently by telephone or other short means with the company
f) Record all necessary information about the accident (name of other driver, car registration number, etc.)
g) To submit to the company, within 24 hours of the accident, a signed memo describing the incident.

12. The lessor may not waive any right to either refer to this contract or is included in legal provisions that apply beyond this contract.

13. Delivery problems may require us to cancel or replace a detained car.

14. For any dispute arising out of this lease, the courts of the city of Volos are competent to resolve them.

15. The Office is under no obligation to return money before the termination of the agreed lease.

16. There is no safety in cases where the Code of Conduct explicitly states.

17. Insurance cover: The lessee is covered by insurance in accordance with Article 5 (2) of Law 489/1996 for the loss or injury of third party damage and damage to third parties, or the minimum insurance cover provided for in the applicable law at the time of the lease.

Daily charge 5 € for an additional driver

Available only after booking and at a charge of 4 € per day.

In order to rent a vehicle, a credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) is required even if the payment is made in cash.

The fuel is calculated at eighth. The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel delivered. Otherwise, charges of € 12 plus the cost of the missing fuel will apply. Refunds are not refunded or offset for extra fuel in the tank.

Driving on inaccessible dirt roads, and misuse in general, is prohibited. Charges of up to € 80 apply for special cleaning on vehicles that will be returned with excessively dirty interior (eg stains from food, coffee, sand, animal hair, etc.) indicating misuse.

In the event of an accident there is a non-refundable charge of € 60.00.

The tenant assumes full responsibility for any road traffic offenses and is liable to pay any debts to the competent authorities. Otherwise, the amount of the violation will be charged plus the amount referred to as "Management Expenses".

The rent can be paid by credit, debit or prepaid card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners) in cash and with bank deposit or PayPal at least 48 hours before the start of the rental.
A down payment of 25% of the total rental price is required to complete a reservation.
An independent credit or debit (Visa, Master Card, American Express) is required for warranty purposes.

cancellation of reservation
If the reservation is canceled up to 15 days before the arrival date, the full amount of the deposit is refunded. In case of cancellations within 7 days prior to arrival, the entire deposit will not be refunded.

Upon receipt of the vehicle, a corresponding lease agreement containing the above terms and conditions is signed.

Security by default
Unlimited Kilometers
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Free delivery / pickup at the port of the language.
Our aim is to provide our customers reliably and in excellent condition with motorbikes which will have the opportunity, moving comfortably and safely, discover the beauties of Skopelos.

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